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golfball_200Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser

Take part in The Good Samaritan Center’s 8th Annual Golf Ball Drop!

What’s a Golf Ball Drop and how does it work? First, you have to buy a ball (all will be numbered up to 1000). Then during Good Samaritan's 12k's for the Holidays charity run on Saturday, November 18th, we will take the balls up in air and drop all of the balls onto the festival field. The ball closest to the target or hole will win! Simple as that. 

All NEW THIS YEAR!!! Golf Ball Ticket prices are now $20, but the payout is now $5000!!!!

The Golf Ball Drop was rained out on Saturday, July 1st, and we are happy that we were able to pair it with our 12k's for the Holidays event on Saturday, November 18th. So, you still have a chance to WIN! Get your lucky balls down at the event, as online purchasing is NOW CLOSED! Best of Luck!